High quality

horse sales.

Since 1993 Silver Fox Horses Sales has been selling horses all across North America providing you with a list of quality horses to choose from. Horses you might not have known about without us.  We help individuals who are too busy to to show potential customers their horse, people who don't know how to sell their horse, breeders who are in remote areas, or trainers who are at horse shows and have horses at home that need to get sold. Many people would prefer to send their horse in because it puts their horses where the buyers are. 

A horse that looks like a million dollars sells for a million dollars.

Trainers send us some of their best horses to be sold while they are out at horse shows doing what they do best, teaching and training their clients.It has been our main focus to provide a service that makes it easy on both the horse and the owner.  At SFX we take great care of your horse while it is in being sold, we create a marketing portfolio, advertise and keep your horse groomed and fit.

We strive to leave a lasting impression on all of our clients. With great grooming, excellent riding skills, and our facility we are able to provide the best possible environment for a successful sale. We always have a beautifully decorated course, with well groomed arena footing, top quality equipment and tack.


“Natasha Brash is efficient and professional. We have bought over 25 horses from her and she comes through every time. Save time and money finding your dream horse.”

- Sabrina Miller, the Riding Academy