since 1993

Silver Fox Horse Sales

If you are considering selling your horse and don't know where to start, here is simple way to begin...

       At Silver Fox Horse Sales (SFX) we sell horses.  We help individuals who are too busy to spend the time running out to the barn to show potential customers their horse, people who don't know how to sell their horse, breeders who are in remote areas, or trainers who are at horse shows and have horses at home that need to get sold. Many people would prefer to send their horse in because it puts their horses where the buyers are. 

        We have finished horses, horses that are not in a regular training program that require training while they are up for sale and help people who would like to increase the value of their horses with professional training.

         Trainers send us some of their best horses to be sold while they are out at horse shows doing what they do best, teaching and training their clients.It has been our main focus to provide a service that makes it easy on both the horse and the owner.  At SFX we take great care of your horse while it is in being sold, we create a marketing portfolio, advertise and keep your horse groomed and fit. 

          A horse that looks like a million dollars sells for a million dollars. Together with great grooming, excellent riding skills and our facility we are able to provide the best possible environment for a successful sale.  

At SFX we also have a beautiful decorated course, with well groomed arena footing, top quality equipment and tack.

           To finish things off you need a good atmosphere.  People love to be around positive people.  At SFX we have a professional, enjoyable, and fun atmosphere that puts buyers at ease when they are shopping with us.  We put together some of the best presentations customs and trainers have ever seen.  We don't sell this many horses without knowing what our customers and clients need!  Over the past many years I have studied and improved on what helps us sell more horses than any sales barn in the pacific NorthWest.  

             Put your horse where the customers are and let us work our magic.  We know what we are doing and we do it WELL!


Variety of services we provide:

  • Professional Portfolio
  • DVD/Youtube Video
  • Advertising
  • Large Customer Base
  • Excellent Training Program
  • Top Feeding Program
  • Great Trainers
  • Experienced Grooms
  • Great Atmosphere
  • Beautiful Sales Facility