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Silver Fox Horse Sales

Silver Fox Horse Sales Advertising:

 Advertising is a large part of a successful sales and marketing business.  At SFX we recommend individual ads for your horse be placed on several of the websites that are actively being viewed by potential buyers.  We use all tools like youtube to help facilitate our business.  Below are a list of websites we recommend for your advertising portfolio.


Why I sell Horses?


 Welcome to our site.  I would like to take a moment and introduce our business.  Silver Fox Horse Sales (SFX) is a sales facility designed to help individuals sell their horses.

  We have been in business since 1993 selling horses and provide what has become a reliable, safe and trustworthy sales barn.  

  At SFX we focus on sales, marketing and quality training.  For the duration horses are in our facility to be sold, we train and show them until they are sold together with a  comprehensive sales portfolio including youtube videos, photo's, and advertising.  As evidence of our success, many of our buyers are repeat customers who continue to purchase our horses because they are pleased with our service and quality of horses.

  SFX works closely with other sales agents and trainers networking across North America in order to provide the best service to both the buyers and purchasers who contact us.  By networking we are able to sell more horses and help buyers find horses that suit their needs.

  Additionally, many trainers use SFX to find horses for their customers.  They call us and explain what they are looking for and we find horses for them to view that fit all of the criteria that they are looking for.  This saves the trainer a lot of time and helps locate horses that they may not know of otherwise.

  We have reached our goal of providing a sales barn where customers can come and enjoy looking for horses and a place where people can feel good about sending their horse in to be sold.

  My commitment to both my purchasers and the people who send their horses to us to be sold is to remain true to these goals.

Thank you,

Natasha Brash

​President of Silver Fox Horse Sales