since 1993

Silver Fox Horse Sales


The focus of Silver Fox in the show arena has always been based on good equitation, well schooled horses, great presentation and good sportsmanship.  With Silver Fox at your side we will help groom you for excellence.  With careful guidance and training we will be able to help you look your best and perform your best.  We take our time and focus on the small details that have helped our riders do so well in the show arena.  Come in and see for yourself.  Winning in the equitations, Hunters and Jumpers we have a great success program for both horses and riders.

Silver Fox Since 1993

Our greatest accomplishment as a trainer is to see our student rise to the top and reach their most prestigious goals.  Riding is a tough sport. It is physically demanding and mentally challenging because you are always dealing with your equestrian partner.  Horses are amazing creatures who meet to be understood and worked with so that they become the best partner the rider can have.  This is probably the most fulfilling reason people love to ride.  When you get it right it feels great!

  The competition arena as you progress into the more elite levels becomes much more technical so the level of training must increase as well as the level of horse.  Silver Fox has been producing top quality competition riders and horses since 1993.

Having worked with many great trainers throughout all of North America top rider Cassandra Kahle has a lot of experience to bring back to Silver Fox. International competition brings to the equestrian a sense of pride and honour to have been able to ride in some of the most prestigious classes open to young riders.

Traveling to places like New York, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Florida, California, New Jersey, Germany, France and England is an exciting and self rewarding experience. The riders are slick, the horses are of the best quality and the atmosphere is fierce.  As a competitor you are up early training, exercising, grooming, walking courses and competing.

Meeting people from all over North America, making new friends, sharing victories and defeats and creating life time memories.  Our vision at Silver Fox is to help more Canadian riders venture out into the international competition arena's.  Canada needs more presence at these elite shows and we have great riders here in British Columbia.

Silver Fox has a great rider program from beginners to top level riders.  We have programs that will fit everyones desires and ambitions. Each program is individual to help meet the riders needs.  Well schooled quality horses, knowledgeable instructors and a fun program helps make everyones experience at Silver Fox a good one.