since 1993

Silver Fox Horse Sales

Do you send horses on Trial? 

  • Yes.  We have had great relationships with many of the trainers in the Pacific NorthWest.  A lot of our sales comes from repeat buyers. These customers that have built a relationship with us can sometimes ask for a horse to go on trial. Silver Fox will discuss the options with the seller FIRST and will not let a horse go on trial without the consent of the owners. This is a very common part of horse sales but it is done with considerable care and communication.  Proper documents must be filled out first. 

Will my horse have to go to shows?

  • This is entirely up to the customer if they would like to send their horses to shows.  It is always a great selling feature to have video, pictures of a horse at a horse show. A show record is a very important part of selling a horse.  Most buying customers are going to want to know what the horse has done in the show ring.  Talk to us about what options are available for you and your horse.

How do I get paid once my horse is sold?

  • That is why you hired us to sell your horse.  Let us do all of the work for you.  Definitely the details of paperwork, money wiring and bill of sales are important. You will receive a copy of the bill of sale, a certified cheque or wire transfer. We recommend the owners keep the original papers until they have received the funds for their horse.  Once payment has been received then they can ship passport and registration papers. 

What do we do differently than other sales barns?

  • First of all we have a fully decorated course with flower boxes and trees.  A beautiful course makes a difference.  We have great footing.  We have staff who looks after the grooming care of the horses. The clothes makes the difference.  Just like in the world of business a suit and tie makes a difference well a fake tail and fancy boots does it for us.  Also quality saddles for our customers to ride in.  We have a range of Chedric's, Butes, Antaries and CWD's.

Where do you get your customers?

  • Since 1993 Silver fox has established a long list of customers who have been very satisfied with our business.  They have been the driving force for our business.  We have reached our success from word of mouth.  When you do a good job people notice.  We have had many trainers refer our business to others and we thank them very much for their support.  

Who Pays your commission?

  • Silver Fox has spent a great deal of time working this out.  We look after our commission by adding on top of what you the seller wants for their horse. 

Will I have to pay extra costs when I send my horse in? If so what are the costs?

  • Yes. Silver Fox does not pay farrier, vet or advertising costs.  These expenses are additional to the monthly fee.

What is the monthly fees?

  •   Monthly board, training, and full grooming fee is $1200.00 per month.

Frequently Asked Questions…?

How does it work when I send a horse in for sale?

  • The first step is for Silver Fox to gather information on your horse. We will ask you to fill out an information package which includes important information on how saleable your horse will be.  Not every horse is a saleable horse for Silver Fox.  If we don't believe that it will be in your best interest to send your horse to us we will advise you of some other alternatives.
  • If we establish that it is in both of our interests for Silver Fox to represent your horse for sale, we then introduce the one week evaluation process.  Silver Fox will evaluate your horse to determine soundness, training level, versatility for example which rings will the horse be most suited for: such as hunters, jumpers, equitations, eventing, dressage or a variety of arenas. 
  • Also we evaluate the horses disposition as to what type of rider it will be suitable for and which type of program it will be most successful in.  After the one week process Silver Fox will discuss the options of leaving the horse in for training and sales.

How long does it take to sell a horse? 

  • Silver Fox spends a lot of time tracking their results.  Currently over the past 5 years horses who enter Silver Fox usually sell within 1 to 3 months.  We have had horses in our program who have sold sooner than 1 month and some who have taken us a bit longer than 3 months.

What can the owners do to help?

  • It is always recommended that owners do a  pre-purchase exam on their horses before sending them in.  This will not only help in selling your horse faster but determine the price of your horse as well.  A sound horse sells for more money!